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Tiger Eye Stone Om Bracelet

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This Tiger Eye Stone Om Bracelet is handmade with natural Tiger Eye stone beads...

OM is considered the most sacred mantra. The syllable OM is the sound of the universe. All that has existed, all that exists, and all that shall exist hereafter, is OM. Repetition of OM enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding.

The Stone of Willpower and Protection

Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection that is also very stabilizing and grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity.

Tiger's eye is also a very protective stone which is especially protective during travel. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. Tiger's eye brings a special boost to the solar plexus chakra and to one's personal power.

Length: Approx.19cm | 7.5 inches
Bead Size: 8mm | 0.3in





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