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Handmade Rhodonite Bracelet with Enamel Charm

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Stunning handmade Rhodonite bracelet. Rhodonite is an extraordinary stone of the Heart Chakra. It is a stone that empowers one to reach one's full potential, focusing one's gifts and energies outward for the betterment of all. It is a stone of purpose, cooperation and community, altruism and generosity of spirit. Rhodoniye is highly recognized as emotional healer and for bringing one back to center during stressful times. It is a crucial 'first aid' stone for calming emotional shock and panic. It has a strong resonance with forgiveness, encouraging love for others and aligning with the spirituality of the universe in order to recognise one's purpose. It is an outstanding stone for the restoration of physical energy that has been drained due to the emotional trauma/drama.

Length: Around 17.5cm 6.8inches



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