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Handmade Blue Tiger's Eye Stone Bracelet With Tibetan Mantra Totem Charm

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Artisan handmade Blue Tiger's Eye bracelet. Blue Tiger's Eye (or Falcon's Eye as it is often called) is considered the most authoritative of the eye stones, warding off nightmares, protecting one from malice and jealousy, and providing deeper insights and awareness so one may see beyond the obvious. It is a marvelous aid for increasing the sensory gifts, enkindling a link with cosmic forces that provide inspirational guidance for one's life. It is a powerful stone for healing Earth energies and for increasing self - understanding. It is grounding during chaotic situations and brings issues into perspective, especially when placed on the Third Eye.

Clasp Type: Stretch bracelet
Size: 15-16cm, 17-18cm, or 19-20cm



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