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Coconut shell Tibetan beads bracelet

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Nothing but top notch Quality part of our Hand Crafted Collection! This is a truly Unique Bracelet you will not find anywhere!

Made from high quality Coco Nut Shell, Ivory Nut and Tibetan Agate Beads!  

Red Sandalwood Mala Beads is one of the most beneficial beads in this world. It does not only help you obtain peace of mind and calmness, it can also aid you on many aspects such as heart diseases, fever, headache, etc. This bead is also a great way to obtain strength, willpower, and bravery.

Tiger Skin Wood Beads Combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to the earth

Perfect for men or women, this simple bracelet creates an accessory that will complement anything that you wear. The bracelet stretches so that it can accommodate most wrists and makes a wonderful gift idea!

  • Length:16cm - 6.2inches
  • Material:Natural Coconut shell & Olive nut & Tibetan Agate, Red Sandalwood, Tiger Skin Beads



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